A Word from the President

50 years . . . such a lot has happened in that time! Changes, worries, investments, risks, joys and sorrows—experienced by three generations of motivated, dedicated, hard-working people, driven by a desire to take agriculture to new heights. In 1967, my parents, Herman and Francine, purchased a business from my grandfather, Adrien Dolbec, consisting of one horse, a plow and 25 acres of land. Thanks to their enthusiasm, discipline, determination and vision, Patates Dolbec has become a leader in the agri-food sector.

Today, I’m grateful to my parents for letting me run around the potato cellar, reverse tractor-trailers, help out in the warehouse after school, drive tractors (and sometimes even break them) . . . What an education it was! Slowly but surely, they transmitted to me their passion for agriculture and their desire to go further, work hard and think outside the box. Thank you for believing in me. Herman, I hope that from on high, you can see all the changes that have taken place. It’s truly fantastic. A special thank you to all those who have supported, and continue to support, Patates Dolbec. Every day, we meet new challenges. Our goal is to remain at the cutting edge of technology, to stay one step ahead of the game. We never take anything for granted.

Our watchwords are: delegate, respect and diversify. Today, Patates Dolbec is a huge family of over 125 colleagues overseeing 10,000 cropped acres. It’s also a story of impressive technological evolution—from a single horse to air-conditioned, GPS-enabled tractors. Just ask my uncle Martial who recently turned 80 and worked with us until he was 76 (ever keen to follow the lead of young people!). He has witnessed all the changes, from the time of my great-grandfather to the present. The evolution is nothing short of incredible: agriculture today is extremely high-tech.

For the future, Patates Dolbec intends to remain a leader in the field by incorporating new potato varieties; ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction; increasing our growing area; protecting the environment at every level; increasing our R&D budgets; reducing production costs; and continuing to offer ongoing training to help our employees attain their career goals.

In short, Patates Dolbec is a fantastic team where everyone does their share to provide customers with a top-quality product. If only consumers knew how much work goes into producing the potatoes they buy at the grocery store . . . It’s a colossal job that has to be carried out with the utmost care—and according to the whims of Mother Nature. For 50 years, we have optimized all of our processes to offer you the best product possible. We thank you for choosing Dolbec potatoes for your favourite recipes!


Offer a wide variety of quality potatoes in different sizes, to meet the needs of all consumers.


Remain at the leading edge of potato production and marketing while respecting our business relationships and protecting the environment for future generations.


Service:   Patates Dolbec stands out for its excellent customer service. Our goal is to remain attentive to our customers’ needs and to offer them a quality product in an efficient manner, 12 months a year. For us, customer service is a top priority.

RESPECT & QUALITY : Our reputation is of the utmost importance. To protect and maintain our reputation, we focus on respect, integrity and quality across all levels of the company.

HUMAN RESOURCES : To foster a positive team spirit and superior performance, Patates Dolbec provides a safe and healthy work environment, promotes respect and invests in its employees, who play a key role in the company’s success.

INNOVATION AND R&D : We will continue to invest in research and development, and will use research results and new technologies to improve our agricultural methods in all ways possible.

TRACEABILITY AND FOOD SECURITY: We will maintain our CanadaGAP certification—a national certification of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for all horticultural products.

COMMITMENT: We’re proud to be a family business that plays an important social and economic role in the community.


Patates Dolbec: a true potato giant!

. Biggest potato producer in eastern Canada

. 10,000 acres of land

. We produce close to 40,000 tons of potatoes per year

. We store, pack, buy and sell enough potatoes to fill 2,000 tractor-trailers per year, in other words:

 10,000,000 ten-pound bags!

Patates Dolbec is also:

A grain centre with a 7,000-ton capacity used to process, dry and store corn, barley, wheat and soy. We process 12,000 tons of grain per year.