Patates Dolbec


Experience • Passion • Diversification • Reliability • Flexibility

Patates Dolbec is a family business that has earned itself an enviable reputation in the agri-food sector through hard work, a tireless passion for agriculture, and a dynamic team that brings experience and innovation to potato farming. The Dolbec family are no strangers to the art of potato growing. The story of our company goes back 45 years to 1967 when we had just 25 acres of land, one horse and a plow! But, driven by a team determined to see the company grow, we have steadily expanded over three generations.

Now, with over 125 employees, a research team that keeps track of the latest technologies, modern controlled-atmosphere storage facilities, a state-of-the-art packing centre, and high-tech farming equipment, Patates Dolbec is without a doubt a leader in its field. The biggest potato producer in eastern Canada, with over 10,000 acres of land spread over 15 municipalities, Patates Dolbec rotates its potato crops with corn, barley, wheat, soy and hay. Our fields are in rotation for two to three years before being reused for potato growing. This rotation helps break the cycle of disease, reduces soil erosion by 90%, and keeps soils healthy. It also allows us to grow a wide variety of top-quality potatoes—over 15 varieties in several sizes.

In our fully-equipped packing centre, we wash, brush and inspect the potatoes before they are mechanically sorted by size. We store more than 1,400 trailer loads of potatoes in huge modern warehouses, and keep inventory year-round. This means Patates Dolbec can supply its customers with Quebec-grown potatoes at any time of the year—even in winter! Despite its immense growing area, Patates Dolbec sometimes has to buy from other producers in Quebec and the Maritimes, and imports new potatoes from the United States in June and July, while waiting for its own crop to be ready for harvest. Between 5% and 15% of its inventory is exported to the United States.

Patates Dolbec also owns a cattle feedlot and is affiliated with a vegetable processing company. This means that only Canada #1 potatoes are packed for market—the remainder are used for cattle feed or processing.

Patates Dolbec is 45 years of history, growth, passion and, especially, a commitment to sustainability—values we hope will continue to be passed down to the next generation!

Patates Dolbec : a true potato giant!